Generation G (G for Generosity not Greed)

Generation G (G for Generosity not Greed) – presents generation of informed consumers. The exhibition shows objects made from promotional material. They do not arouse admiration and do not encourage to admire but to ponder, “What is it?”.

After dealing with “objects” we will feel the look of people watching us – enbattled and dominated by the hypnotic, sterile look.

The look of fluorescent eyes is increasing the pressure to make a decision – “what to do?”. Do you similarly react in the shopping mall? Promotions are around us attracting and provoking, what is more they enter invasively our consciousness. You could say it gives us precisely this hypnotic-laser outlook on reality.

At the exhibition there has been applied hologram effect. This is a record of the image that builds the impression of two separate images – two-dimensional medium. The effect of the hologram is used to prevent notes against forgery. In the context of the exhibition hologram protects our consciousness before drowning out and accumulation of information. The hologram is visible at the right angle and in a certain light and so are the messages .

On the pedestal they were placed two contrasting words: generosity and greed. Is the era of access to everything really so generous in its abundance? Or maybe by continually satisfying and generating new, artificial needs impoverishes us in unnoticed way?

While developing the theme of the exhibition we met with a number of clever concepts associated with the trend of fair trade. We tried to get to the source and see how the reality works, mentioned justice – as far as possible by reading brochures and materials from the Internet. We do not promote the trend, but we signal about its existence and believe in its authenticity.

We do not complain about capitalism because we still remember empty shelves from the past in the shops. We are a generation BREAKTHROUGH – poverty after martial law and new, reborn EU Poland.

The exhibition was presented at Łódź Design Festival 2015 and Wroclove 2015.