Regulations of the Website

General provisions


  1. These Regulations are the regulations of the Good Practices Forum website, which promotes good practice in the design of visual communication, products, etc.
  2. The Website works at
  3. The administrator of the Website until 31 December 2017 is the Graphics Applied Creators’ Association, with its registered office at ul. Foksal 11, 00-372 Warsaw, tax identification number NIP: 525 230 59 48, statistical identification number REGON: 015750749, National Court Register number KRS: 0000209180
  4. The Administrator of the Website since 1 January 2018 is the Association of Good Practices Forum, with its registered office at ul. Złota 6/3 25-015 Kielce; Tax identification number NIP: 9591990854, statistical identification number REGON: 367646924, National Court Register number KRS: 0000684380
  5. Contact mail to the Administrator:


§ 2

  1. The term Website means all pages and subpages available at with extensions.
  2. The term Administrator means entities mentioned in §1 sec. 3-4, depending on the dates mentioned in those sections.
  3. The term Code means the Code of Good Practice in the design promoted by the Website.
  4. The term Database means a database of entrepreneurs functioning within the framework of the Website, who have declared the use of the Code rules.


Code of Good Practice

  1. The Administrator promotes good practices in design through the Code created by himself.
  2. The Code is based on the experience of many experts in the field of design, marketing, ethics, and also on the basis of the experiences of entrepreneurs.
  3. The Administrator encourages the application of the Code. The Code is, however, of a general nature, and the market, financial and organizational situation of the individual entities can be very complex and may require additional consultations with specialists. The Administrator is not liable, in particular legally or financially, to third parties for the consequences of complying with the Code.
  4. Any changes to the Code must be announced by the Administrator at least 7 days prior to their introduction by posting the information in the updated part of the Website.


Database of Entrepreneurs

  1. The Database is a Directory of Entrepreneurs maintained within the framework of the Website, who have declared, through the form on the Website, the application of the Code in their daily business.
  2. The Code is declarative in nature. An entrepreneur can declare its application. The Administrator does not carry out ongoing monitoring of the entrepreneur’s activities with regard to the use of the Code. However, if the Administrator is aware of the gross violation of the Code by the entrepreneur declaring its use, he or she may request via email to improve the practice or remove the entrepreneur from the Database.
  3. For registration in the Database serves the form placed on the Website. For the assurance of data reliability, the registration requires a two-step verification.
    1. An entrepreneur, who wants to register in the Database, first gives the official e-mail address, available on his website. The application is then verified by the Administrator
    2. After a positive verification in the first stage, an activation link is sent to the given e-mail address, after clicking of which the entrepreneur appears automatically in the Database.
  4. The Administrator may place the entrepreneur in the Database without the procedure described in §4 sec. 3, provided that he or she has a clear declaration of his willingness to join the Database.
  5. The condition of a voluntary entry to the Database is the consent to the processing of personal data. The fields in the form apply exclusively to publicly available data of entrepreneurs. However, the aforementioned consent is necessary due to the possibility of occurrence of these names in the data (in the entrepreneurs’ names or e-mails) or other identifiers that enable the identification of the individual.
  6. The Administrator of the personal data is the Website Administrator.
  7. Personal data may be collected for the purposes necessary for the functioning of the Database of Entrepreneurs declaring the use of the Code, in cases where the data of such entrepreneurs, such as name, e-mail address, etc. contain any personal data.
  8. Personal data mentioned in §4, sec. 7 can be made available to all users of the Website. However, these data are made publicly available in CEIDG and similar registers. Entrepreneur e-mail addresses, especially those containing personal data, will not be published, they serve only for the purposes of registering and maintaining the current and correct data contained in the Database.
  9. The entrepreneurs registered in the Database, and in particular those whose companies, e-mail addresses, etc. contain personal data, may at all times request the Administrator to completely remove them from the Database or to correct the data by sending a message expressing such will to the Administrator’s e-mail address indicated in §1 sec. 5. The Administrator is obliged to make such changes immediately.
  10. Photographs, logotypes, graphic symbols, etc. appearing in the Database next to the labels of entrepreneurs are their property, made available to the Administrator for the purpose of running the Website and corporate identification of such entities. Entrepreneurs can send them via the registration form or in a subsequent, supplementary e-mail.
  11. The Administrator may distinguish in the Database the entrepreneurs that characterise, in his subjective opinion, with particularly good quality of corporate identity projects, packaging, products, etc.
  12. It is prohibited to place in the Database any information that would violate any applicable law, and in particular violate the rights of third parties.


Information section, Website news

  1. The Administrator makes every effort to ensure that the content of the Website is up-to-date and checked for accuracy and truthfulness.
  2. However, the Administrator is not responsible for potential content deficiencies.
  3. Any advice related to running a business and gainful employment, which the Administrator places within the Website are based on the literature and experience of specialists. The Administrator, however, does not bear any legal, financial or any other liability to third parties for their use in individual cases. This is related to the complex nature of the business activity and the countless number of factors and variables that the Administrator can not foresee by developing general recommendations.


Technical requirements

  1. For proper reading of the Website you need Internet access with a bandwidth of at least 512 kb/s and hardware that meets the relevant technical requirements in terms of parameters and software.
  2. Access to the site is possible, among others, from devices using the following systems: Microsoft XP, 7, 8, Mac OS X and OS X, Android
  3. A web browser should be installed on your device (such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, iOS Safari, Android Browser 2.3 and others).
  4. On your device JavaScript and Cookies should be enabled; 5. You may need to install Acrobat Reader and Flash Player to display some items and information.


Other provisions

  1. The Website uses cookies which, by saving short text information on the user’s computer, enable its more efficient operation by storing user settings, tracking statistics, or adjusting advertising messages. You may disable or change cookies in your web browser. However, this may prevent you from displaying part of the content of the Website.
  2. Within the Website there may be references to other websites (in the form of links, banners, buttons, etc.). This does not mean, however, that the Administrator has any relationship with the content managers of these pages. The Administrator shall not be liable for the content of such sites. The Website managed by the Administrator works under the domain only.
  3. The Administrator reserves the right to make changes to this Regulations by announcing it within the updated part of the Website 7 days in advance.
  4. The administrator makes every effort to ensure proper functioning of the Website, he cannot guarantee, however, that the Website will operate without any breakdown or interruption. If this happens, the Administrator will try to remove them immediately in any case.
  5. Any doubts and objections to the activity of the Website a user may report to the Administrator by sending a message to the e-mail address given in §1 sec. 5.