Entrepreneur – a professional designer is your investment in the brand.


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    Company Operating Manual


    Designer and designer


    Persons with design and art education, artists have developed aesthetic sense. They have knowledge of how to embed the project in the context of the place, the situation, how to make it recognizable and memorable. For a good project, it is not enough to be able to handle a graphic program like for the financier the ability to handle a spreadsheet. Good designer has professional intuition, developed through years of practice, understanding of the essence of the task and its efficient execution.



    Design Process


    The entrepreneur should be an active participant in the design process but not the one who feels obliged to instruct the designer. The one who assumes the role of a partner for the designer. For the designer, information about the principal’s company, the task carried out, his development plans is even crucial to perform the work. Most vital facts about his current and future customers, about the current offer and developed new products. In order to know the brand vibe it is important to talk to the entrepreneur about his values, his vision of development, the atmosphere in his company, the management style, etc. He should make available the previously created projects so that the designer can know their style – and then fit in or purposefully and deliberately change it.



    Strategy. What for?


    Any project must be embedded into the brand vision, its attributes, values, must create its experience and customer relationships. Before the designer reaches the stage of creation, he or she must first carry out the complete process: finding inspiration, competition assessment, determination of the design, creating a creative concept. The designer should give his principal the choice, that’s why he has to prepare multiple versions for several strategic concepts. A few, over a dozen, several dozen of them? Some of the best ones are added to the presentation… improved even after additional corrections. The strategy allows to create creative projects and eliminate the least suitable ones, not matching the preferences of the customers, indistinguishable on the market. The designer’s task is to be able to fit in the context, which will not only satisfy the expectations, but also positively surprise.