Start creating your brand from effective cooperation

In the pursuit of profit, in expenditure restraint it is easy to fall into the trap of slapdash, accepting a semi-satisfactory result in order to achieve the goal. Often entrepreneurs talk about professional activities, but choose mediocrity. Consciously and unconsciously! The domestic customer is increasingly demanding. The foreign customer does not accept imperfections. When gaining foreign markets, you should be a professional at every stage of your business.

Professionalism arises from the selection of the right people, resources and methods. This feat is not always successful. The obstacle is the lack of knowledge of the design process, the difficulty of choosing designers, contractors, treating the project as an expense rather than an investment.

What if the business applied the Code of Good Practice? Business, i.e. the market of the principals and the market of the contractors. Mutual partnership cooperation would bring benefits to each party. The will of trust, respect and understanding is all we need.

Forum of Design Process is a platform for cooperation of entrepreneurs and professionals working in the creative sector. We share knowledge about how to create brands and increase competitiveness. How to effectively use the expertise of specialists and benefit from the cooperation between the principal and the contractor.

We invite you to cooperation!