We combine business with the creative industry. We observe Polish brands.

We create a dialogue between the creative and strategy sector and the business. We connect designers and brand creators with entrepreneurs. We promote the idea of professionalism by working in line with good business practices.

Our goal is to provide clear information to entrepreneurs who want to properly and consciously use the expertise of professionals from the creative sector. When analysing emerging problems in implemented projects, we create solutions that counteract the improper mechanisms functioning in the industry: unprofessionalism, poor engagement, duplication of the projects of others, short deadlines, competing by low price.

We want to participate in promoting the significance of Polish brands, their prestige, popularity, financial value. We believe that Polish entrepreneurs in cooperation with the creative sector can gain domestic market, foreign markets, both traditional and e-commerce. It is sufficient if, apart from their determination and cunningness, they receive the weapon in the form of a strong brand.


Judyta Marczewska Judyta Marczewska Strategic Designer judyta.fodop@gmail.com
Dawid Marczewski Dawid Marczewski Office Manager dawid.fodop@gmail.com
Dorota Wąsik Dorota Wąsik Graphic Designer dorota.fodop@gmail.com
Iza Kuroś Iza Kuroś Brand Consultant iza.fodop@gmail.com
Kamila Błaszkiewicz Kamila Błaszkiewicz Photographer kamila.fodop@gmail.com
Olga Grabiwoda Olga Grabiwoda Project Manager olga.fodop@gmail.com
Kuba Święcicki Kuba Święcicki Designer kuba.fodop@gmail.com
Eliza Kozielewska Eliza Kozielewska Graphic Designer eliza.fodop@gmail.com