Code of Good Practice

We have the same common goal – to create, grow and make money. We want to gain, we want to win. We have so much in common. Therefore we need each other to compete effectively in our own free market space. And for that, trust is essential – the basis of a thriving business.
Trust comes from mutual respect, taking seriously each party’s work. Every day we dream of respecting our knowledge, experience, competences, achievements, plans, dreams, our capital earned through years of work.

Entrepreneur – please appreciate the capital of your contractor!
Contractor – please respect the capital of your principal!

Saying as the work, so the pay is equivalent to as the pay, so the work and affects the final result of the work. The necessary condition for the success of the project is a commitment, use of full capabilities and satisfaction from cooperation.
An equitable remuneration has an impact on it.

Please note!
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Code of Good Practice


  1. For the cooperation I choose designers – professionals. In return I have the right to expect professional cooperation, high level of final work, their usefulness in the implementation process.
  2. I commission the project soon enough to provide the designer with the relevant time for the full design process. We jointly set deadlines for project work, as well as deadlines for project acceptance.
  3. The professionalism of a designer can be recognised by the entirety, i.e. by the approach to cooperation with the principal, by the professional intuition, developed through years of practice, by the clear understanding of the essence of the task and his creative performance. The designer provides a quality assurance for which he should receive an equitable remuneration.
  4. I avoid the role of an all-knowing person. I do not instruct the designer what and how to create. I assume the role of a partner in „his” project. I believe in his honesty, in his pursuit of perfect performance of the work.
  5. I cooperate with a designer according to the law. Transparently, honestly, steadily. The contract is a guarantee of the reward for the effort, time, expertise and experience.
  6. I strive to make my brand a positive impact on the environment. That’s why I care about the public space, architecture, symbolism of the place. I do not allow to contaminate the landscape with scaled, unaesthetic and mismatched signs, posters or banners.
  7. I strive to make my brands and products serve the society, solve the needs of everyday life, affect the development of our world. I also require that attitude from the designer working with me.
  8. I ensure to „switch on” the thinking in terms of eco-branding already at the design stage. I would prefer designs more economical in form, consciously reducing the amount of materials, ink, printing surface, number of photos.
  9. I respect another man. I do not commission the designer abusive, unethical tasks that would violate dignity, ethical standards, his own beliefs.
  10. I believe in brand strength, in its potential for gaining new markets, delivering experience to its users, providing solid profits.